Friday, 18 September 2009

First hard cheese results

After six weeks I couldn't wait any longer so we've just tried the first attempt at hard cheese.

First impressions are that it was very successful. Obviously quite young at six months but still quite moist -- I'd expected it to be dry after not waxing it. It's vaguely like a Mahon or Manchego except slightly softer. Very creamy and, unfortunately, very moreish. It would suit making in batches a lot better than camembries which all reach the "Coming, ready or not..." point at roughly the same time. Hard cheeses would mature so you could have one young and then have them successively more ripe.

Of course, actually making several at once could be a challenge because they use a lot of milk and I only have one press, but it's worth some thought.

The photos are of the cheese with the chief taster here, and as served with home grown grapes. Lovely.